There Is More To Eye Care Than 20/20 Vision

Complete eye examinations allow us the opportunity to detect eye and health problems BEFORE you ever notice there is a problem. Early detection of problems is why we recommend regular examinations and believe they are essential to ensure good eye and general health.  From managing glaucoma and macular degeneration to detecting diabetic retinopathy and retinal detachments, regular eye exams can save your and your family’s vision.

Dislike Dilating Eye Drops

As a convenience to you, our office uses Optomap retinal imaging which captures a permanent image of your retina.  The image offers a wide field view of your retina similar to a dilated retinal examination without the sensitivity of light and loss of focus that drops can cause.


The optometrists at Gray Family Vision are proud to participate in InfantSEE, a no-cost eye examination for infants aged 6-12 months of age. It is estimated that 1 in 10 children is at risk for undiagnosed eye and vision problems.  An early eye examination is an easy way to ensure your baby enjoys a lifetime of good vision.


Prepare Paper Work In Advance

In an effort to be seen on time, having the paper work completed and returned to the office 24 hours in advance of your appointment is greatly appreciated.  It gives us time to prepare/update  your medical record in advance.  In addition, please bring your current insurance card and photo ID to your visit if applicable.   Download patient forms.

Bring Your Old Eyeglasses and Contact Lens Information

If you currently wear eyeglasses or contact lenses then please bring them.  It provides useful information to determine how much your eyes are changing.

What To Expect

We will want to know all your current concerns and determine your prior ocular and general health history.  A few preliminary tests such as autorefraction, non-contact tonometry, and Optomap imaging are utilized prior to seeing the Optometrist.  With the doctor, a careful refraction (the one or two portion) will determine if you need eyeglasses or contact lenses for the first time or would benefit from a change in prescription.  Ocular health is then assessed before a final summary of your concerns and exams findings are discussed.

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